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Biohumus Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer LLC is a Joint Venture based in Dubai, UAE between Lootah Group and KVY MUHENDISLIK LTD CO. / BIOHUMUS ORGANIC FERTILIZER – Turkey’s largest ecological innovation organic fertilizer producer.

Phone : 0552121421

Email : biohumus@lootahgroup.com

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Judi Agriculture

Judi Agriculture farm was set in 2006 in in the eastern of Ethiopia, located near the city of Diredawa on the way to Djibouti. Inadequate supply of feed, both in terms of quantity and quality, is the major hindrance to livestock production in Ethiopia. Feed shortages are identified as a contributing factor to lower reproductive and growth performance of livestock, particularly during the dry season.

With the objective of producing high quality fodder and providing it to the surrounding pastoralists and with affordable prices, the farm was constructed over an area of 300 hectares under a fully irrigation system made up of state-of-the-art sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

Nichkel Agriculture

Strawberry Farm with an area of 32 hectares is located in Addis Alem 53 km from Addis Ababa with fascinating natural beauty where strawberry plants are grown in beds covered with mulch using advanced scientific techniques that produce high quality sweet, juicy and fresh strawberry throughout the year. The strawberries are harvested, sorted and packaged according to the most hygienic routines.


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