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Thermal Insulation

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Water Proofing Materials

Thermal Insulation Materials

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Bitumen Waterproofing
Comes in a form of membrane  or high elastic paint


Comes as rigid board foam or spry applied foam or even as an acrylic coating with ceramic crystals that relict heat

PVC membrane

membrane  is also used as waterproofing layer that has less thickness than bitumen membrane so details is therefore easier . also PVC membrane can be overlapped using only hot air torch not flame torch  as required bu bitumen membrane

Acrylic Cramic Coating

Join the two concepts of thermal insulation and waterproofing together in a coating system where there is no need for overlaps or corners details and also no welding process as in membrane systems . and as insulation it work on emmitance and reflection concepts to control the heat energy carried by ultra violet waves-rays coming from the sun so ceramic coatings do not depend on thickness as other types of insulation foams because ceramic coatings work against heat transfer due to radiation and not due to conduction


The best way to get all the benefits of insulation techniques and to eliminate most of disadvantages is to combine tow different materials to serve the same purpose so that you will be sure of perfect efficiency because two lines of defines against leakage will surround the built up roof insulation system assuring that not only waterproofing against rain water and negative vapour pressure beneath the system is achieved but also better non humid environment for insulation layers is established. Therefore the criteria of losing 50-60% from the insulation properties of foam insulation due to humidity of 2% is no longer valid and so you will get the insulation efficiency that you have payed for.  

Further more, this system combines two thermal insulation layers that will be acting against both Radiation and Conductivity methods of heat transfer   


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